Blackrock Never Saw It Coming

So lately we’ve been slowly heading back to the old level 60 raids for achievements and good times.  In effort to make sure that we’re ready for such a thing, we decided to make sure we were attuned to Molten Core and BWL, mostly for ease.  This meant we’d have to head into BRD and Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire.

It had been ages since I’d been in there, but for a bored Friday night we thought we’d finish it up.  Nothing much exciting happened along the way…but we managed to finish up all three though we still managed to get lost in BRD.  I had the key already, so it made it easier to get around, but dang, that place is huge. 


During the course of this adventure, we stumbled into the Rookery.  Immediately, I cried out “Leroy!” in sudden realization where we were.  But none of us had ever been in here before, so we didn’t know how it was going to work and went to town.  This didn’t work out like we planned and we lost the mage and did not get the achievement.  Okay, so plan B, let’s stick together, I’ll bubble everyone up and then all at once we’ll kill them all.  Go!  Much better, and though I missed the original screenshot…


After we got attuned to BWL, we poked in and died when we tried to kill the first boss, it was chaos and I was a squirrel for like 20 second.  Oops!  We then headed back to Ironforge and I asked if anyone was willing to do Slave Pens on normal or heroic because I needed it for my Outland Dungeonmaster achievement.  I can’t believe I somehow missed that one! 


Hilariously, it was also the Heroic Outland daily, so a bunch of guildies did it quick and then since we had a group we headed over to Shattered Halls on heroic to knock out that one too.  All level 80s and one level 70, who we were hoping would get a drop, it might be replaced soon, but maybe it would last a little while.  She got some bracers. 


But completing all that managed to earn me my Outland Dungeonmaster achievement and then we finally went to bed.  But it was a super busy evening.  Elgar managed to get 9 achievements that night!  I know they don’t count for anything, but it was fun!


3 Responses to “Blackrock Never Saw It Coming”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Sounds like an awesome evening! Grats on the achievements and title.

    Juna finally talked a couple guildies into wiping with her in Heroic Oculus last night to get Northrend Dungeon Hero out of the way, but she still has lots to do in Vanilla and Outland. At least that ensures that there will always be things to do 🙂

  2. Eldadres Says:

    Jealousy @ the outland dungeon master. Sadly my main only needed blood furnace for it! (damn you Bliz for not keeping track of our achievements before you added achievements!)

    Either way, congrats with your acheivments!

    • Troutwort Says:

      @ Repgrind – Thanks, it was a most awesome evening. We had a total blast. Another highlight was the king’s room in BRD. We’d never been there and only killed a few of the dudes on the way to reach him, when we aggro’d him the whole room came! Fun times with AOE followed.

      @ Eldadres – Thanks! It’s funny to look at that list of heroics and see it says I’ve only done a few. Considering how many heroics Elgar ran, I could have completed that like 10 times over.

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