LOL Level 80 Whitemane’s Chapeau!

Now, I don’t care what anybody says, a Friday morning is still a morning.  And I do not do well in the morning.  But after finally getting myself up and out of bed and out the door to this 6′ by 6′ space I call my home for 40+ hours a week, I managed to come to a little more and am at least now functional.  Tomorrow, there will be no alarm clock.  Yay!

I got to thinking the other day after helping someone in Scholomance about how sad it is that much of that near level 60 content is skipped.  I’m sure that most people just quest and grind out their 1-58 levels, anxious for Outlands, and now skip nearly all dungeons.  I can understand that but feel a bit sad that people don’t know who Princess Theradras is in Maraudon or that she farts on you…sorta. 

Now I know it’s been said before, and I think that Blizz even addressed that they have no interest in doing it, but I still dream and hope, that one day there will be Heroic versions of all the old level 1-60 dungeons.  I know, I know…it’s like beating a dead horse.  First off, what level do you set the roics at?  60?  70?  80?  Well maybe one heroic level isn’t enough?  Maybe there’d have to be hard and heroic?  The items wouldn’t be able to be as nice as the current level 80 heroics, that would probably draw too many people away from LK roics, but perhaps equal to level 80 regular dungeons–but that doesn’t draw enough?  What’s the best solution?

Ding!  I just got it–well an idea anyways.  Working out all the details of upgrading the old instances seems very complicated, make the worth it, but not too worth it, etc.  So then I thought, yes.  What better way to go back in time to do all those old dungeons that…Caverns of Time!  Okay.  So we can’t have them all there.  But Caverns of Time is an excellent way to introduce old world heroics.  Maybe the “black dragonflight time trouble” guys (Ack, I can’t remember their name??) have ripped open some portals and have gone back in time to assist some of those dungeon leaders in their raise to power to add more chaos to the world, a distraction in effort to divert heroes elsewhere.  Or something of the like.  So they open these portals to some of the old instances to assist those leaders…think, they go to help Van Cleef, or the Scarlet Crusade, or Headmaster at Scholomance.  Maybe just a handful of them, that way they don’t have to retune all the old instances for 80.  Maybe just 5 or so?  I’m thinking Deadmines, SM, 2nd half of Maraudon, whatever.  I dunno, I’m just spitballin.  Maybe even Stockades, because with help, they could overthrow Stormwind!  Tune them to level 80, let them drop badges of heroism, and for epic drops from final boss, give them the same loot table items, but make them level 80 epics–lol level 80 Whitemane’s Chapeau!! 

That would allow you to revitalize some of the old dungeons, while still making it applicable to where the game stands today.  Just a thought, I’d totally do it.


4 Responses to “LOL Level 80 Whitemane’s Chapeau!”

  1. Eldadres Says:

    Yah, I wouldn’t mind doing some old dungeons and such as a CoT type. Most were pretty damn fun at their respective levels! Me and a friend had this discussion recently, so we decided to relive all the old dungeons by doing the Classic Dungeon Master achievement. It was a good time and it brought back some memories from when I first started playing.

    • Troutwort Says:

      There are lots of good memories this is true. Everytime I go near BFD I remember how it was my first instance…and how we had no idea there needed to be things like tanks and healers.

  2. sylus Says:

    Princess Theradas always reminded me of Princess Leah(episode 5 style, ala metal bakini)…played by Carrie Fisher now…I just did a full body shiver with that mental image.

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