Trout has been out and about lately working up money towards his epic flying mount.  I’ve never been any good at playing the auction house as it always seemed more like work to me that it seemed like fun.  I sell things when I have excess and craft things to sell as well.  But I’ve never really done the whole buy low and resell high thing.

In order to get cash, Trout decided to take up the Argent Tournament folks on their offer for fame and gold.  It paid off!  Not only did he get a great little title, but he’s now able to collect the champions badges so that he can possible get a new weapon for himself.  That agility staff looks so yummy, even if it was primarily designed for druids, I’ll take what I can get!


On a side note, I was able to take out a stabled pet that I’ve had around since they introduced all the pet talent trees.  I wanted to have a pet from each tree.  Grizzlethorn (bear) whom I’ve had since level 24 became a tenacity pet, and I went out and tamed a Wasp in Zangar for DPS in dungeons, though his non-stacking buff doesn’t exactly make him the best choice – even if he looks really cool.  For my cunning pet…well, I didn’t really like the choices.  But decided that perhaps the web from the spider could prove useful in PvP or else in a pinch for a quick trap (I really do need a macro for that).  But I dug out the spider who had been rotting since level 70.  He became level 75 when I pulled him out.  Yay!  And thought that the dailies I was doing might be an easy way to get him up a few levels.  He’s at 78 now (I think).  His name is Kiwi, because he’s green and hairy.  And though he’s not an ideal pet by any means (40 second cooldown on web?  gross) I do love the way he looks and his name.  So I’ll level him up to 80 and then probably stash him away as I turn in for a real dungeon pet (don’t tell the wasp–he’s out too).



3 Responses to “Troutwort”

  1. magentablade Says:

    Fantastic name for a green hairy spider.

  2. theerivs Says:

    I tend to like the black widow looking spiders more then the tarantulas. The Black Widows look more ominous. I named mine after an exgirlfriend. LOL!

  3. Troutwort Says:

    @ Magentablade – Thank you! I looked at all the different spider skins and was trying to think of names. I looked at that one and though, it’s so green and hairy, and then “DING!” the lightbulb went off and the rest is history.

    @ Theerivs – I seriously laughed at that one. Named after an ex – so bad, yet so good.

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