Fun with Friends and Food

So our guild members headed over to AQ20 on Saturday.  We had a few less than anticipated but ended up with about 10 there for the final boss.  It was so grand.  None of us had ever been to AQ20 before and so it was quite the adventure.  We didn’t quite know the way around, and I’m not sure if we went the correct way, but the part where most people died was jumping into the water before the bug boss that you use the eggs to kill (sorry I never remember their names, as a healer I never have them targeted). 

We did wipe once on the flying wasp boss too because we pulled before the fight was explained and when I said, “kill the maggots” a few people ran around killing the near by maggots not the ones that spawned.  Ha ha.  We had a ball though and laughed about it.  We managed to down the final boss as well, though after some confusion about the “crystals” that spawn–we couldn’t find any!  And even at level 80, that boss hits like a Mack truck, you really have to use those crystals.  He hit my priest twice for 8k.  Ouch.  But a quick battle rez and figuring out where the crystals were and we had him down. 

After that we quickly hopped a portal to Theramore, repaired and ran down to Onyxia.  We had a level 62 pally with us who got his T2 head piece, which is fun, if for no other reason than to have it, and two Onyxia hide bags for people as well.  We hung up the head and found that the buff worked for that pally as well.  Good times.  It was fun just to run around with everyone though.  The raids went smooth and being a guild run for the achievement we had a good time screwing around and laughing.  At one point a druid died from a poison debuff (which he could have cleansed from himself) and his wife (a mage) laughed at him about it.  Literally the second she stopped typing she died as well–she claims not from the poison.

Ony Head

After Onyxia the raid disbanded as people went about their business.  Since Irstfay (67) and Falahla (69) had come over for the day for WoW and grilling out, we decided to hopefully knock out one more level for them by doing dungeons.  Theanna (78) and Elgar (80) went with to ensure things went smoothly since we’d be four-manning them.  We knocked out all of the Auchiduon (poor spelling?) instances.  Starting with Mana Tombs, we completed that one, followed by Crypts, Sethekk Halls, and Shadow Labs.  We weren’t sure we’d be able to do Shadow Labs, but we did.  We had so much fun and laughed our way through it.  I was explaining Murmur to Irstfay, a rogue, and how she’d need to run in and out of the fight based on his “drawing energy” move.  She didn’t make it out of the circle a single time.  Then got Murmur’s touch and exploded next to our mage, and then ran into the circle once when he was drawing energy.  We never laughed so hard.  We might have to practice that one again.  There also seemed to be lots of screaming and panic when fighting the last boss in Sethekk Halls where you have to hide behind the pillars.  That was awesome as well.  The ended up with some really nice loot and somehow Falahla dinged 70 but Irstfay didn’t hit 68.  We think it was quests that Irst wasn’t eligible for yet.

WoW is definitely more fun when you know people playing the game, it’s only compounded when you’re all in one room and don’t have to type to communicate but can just talk and laugh.  We grilled out some delicious bratwurst (hey, this is Wisconsin afterall) and just had an awesome Saturday.  Too bad it’s Monday now, and back to the grind.

5 Responses to “Fun with Friends and Food”

  1. theerivs Says:

    I use to play with a bunch of people from work, those were good times. We would live, and breath WoW. We would go over to a friends house on the weekends, and have a mini LAN party just playing WoW.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Those are good times! I wish we had more time to get together and LAN it, but usually we have to schedule it out a couple weeks in advance. When we do though, we power it out as much as we can and usually incorporate some sort of pot-luck into it as well and husbands/wifes/etc show up for the meal.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Sounds like you all had a great time! I love hearing about other guilds out there that enjoy playing together and doing fun things like old raids and instances. =)

  3. Fiak Says:

    As a Badger myself (although I’m sadly in Gopher territory getting my masters), you guys sound like my kind of peoples!

    I found this blog through a comment you left at Reputation Grind – good stuff.

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