Big Day

Tomorrow is a big day for our guild.  We’re going to AQ20.  He he.  Since we don’t have enough level 80s in our very casual leveling/alt guild to raid the current content, we like to head back to the old world level 60 raids that we never got to see.  Most of us started after BC was out.  We did ZG recently for the achievement and tomorrow we’re heading to AQ20.  We have no idea what to expect other than fun and hopefully making quick work of silly bosses.

Theanna and I are having Irstfay and Falahla over for the raid and then they’ll stay for an evening cookout with some other non-WoW type friends.  It should be fun, we like to try to get together to level up and do dungeons.  Being in the same room helps communication and we can all AFK at the same time.  If AQ20 goes quick, we’ll portal over to Onyxia and beat her down to skin her for her scales.  We’ve been making cloaks in case we ever get around to seeing Nefarian.


2 Responses to “Big Day”

  1. theerivs Says:

    Nooo AQ40 The Prophet gives me the chills. I love old world content, suddenly I feel like the grandpa mage of WoW.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Ahhh I’m jealous..I wish my WOW friends lived closer. Some day I’d like to meet somewhere and have a LAN party. Would be a hoot.

    Have agreat time

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