Speaking of Fishing…

Our daily fishing the other day was the Jewel of the Sewers quest.  By far the most easy of the daily fishing quests in Northrend.  For fun, I logged on all my level 70+ characters and picked it up.  I figured I would eventually get around to it on all of them.  I was suprised though to see that my little mage Schubert had skill of…oh crap, he never trained fishing at all.  But he still had the fishing pole from the eels in Outland in his bank.  Borka and Kittykat picked up the quest too, as well as Trout and Elgar who normally do it anyways.

In the spirit of this past weekends fishing trip, I spent some time fishing it up on all of them the other night.  For Schubert it was 126 skill ups before be caught the jewel, Borka and Kitty were less but still many points required.  Unfortunately, none of them got very good prizes in their bags of fishing treasures.  But it was good to get them some skill ups. 


Trout has been doing the daily fishing a little bit more frequently on his quest for gold for epic flying.  He was doing the Terrorfish quest last week when jumped by a rogue.  I once was told that hunters are the anti-rogue, but I can’t understand how that could be?  I kept flare up nearly constantly but I’d be stun-locked before I knew what happened and death ensued.  Several others near me were doing the same fishing daily and so we partied up.  We did kill him 10 or so times before he called in his BE rogue friend and between the two of them and cloak of shadows, vanish and sap, and us fighting with fishing poles in hand, we just had too much trouble.  Eventually some gave up since the rogue just kept on coming back, and the others of us caught all our fish and headed out as well.  But the little rogues were persistant little sh!ts and would gank the person running to the flight point when they finally decided to turn in. 

Personally, I didn’t get it, because I don’t play like that nor do I get any kicks out of killing other players.  Hence my terrible PvP skills.  Especially in a situation where obviously the fishing people have no interest in the rogues. 

To end with one last fun note, eating Magic Eaters while fishing can have fun effects especially during the wild magic debuff.  Who knew dragons could fish?!?

Fishing Dragon 2


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