On the Road Again

I was driving to Milwaukee today to catch a flight to Atlanta, I’m going to see the Aquarium!  It’s going to be grand.  I love to fish, I love to watch fish.  At any rate, here I am driving down the highway and I see some road kill.  And I think to myself, wouldn’t it be hilarious if there were dead skunks on the road in Terrokar?  Trampled by a speeding paladin with crusader aura up?  Ha ha.  But then I thought, do people even ride on the roads?

I think it’s a force of habit, or just that they are even there, but I tend to follow the roads in WoW, even if they aren’t the shortest path from A to B.  I thought about maybe why I do it, perhaps it’s that I feel compelled by my experience driving, that staying on the road is a good thing, or maybe it’s that I’ve been dazed by a frigging wolf one too many times, only to be dismounted and forced to smite it?  I loathe you wolf.  Unadulterated loathing (thanks Elphaba).

So then I wondered, I wonder what other people do?  When I can, I zip around on my flying mount, but there’s still plenty of are where I find myself on the little ground mount zipping around old Azeroth.  And I find myself following the road.  I wonder about others, I will have to observe if people are zipping around the forest or sticking close to the roads.

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