Druid Love

Last night, after a horrible attempt at Violet Hold (we just couldn’t get past the Consortium looking boss–his name evades me–I don’t know what it was, it has never seemed that difficult before, but there we were, well, actually there we weren’t) I decided to log off of my priest and try something else.  So there I am looking at my character selection screen and decide, the druid is close to another level, so I’ll work on him. 

Questing restoration spec is horrible.  Horrible.  But I knocked out a few quests before finally getting a group for Mana Tombs.  Yay!  It went so smooth.  And it was a nice group of people too.  After they complimented me on my healing, I said it’s because I have a bit of experience healing, I have a disc priest at 80, I say.  It’s soon revealed that all but one of us have multiple 80s and other alts and one of the others had 4 level 80 healers.  Well I assumed that was one of every class!  The well seasoned group probably explained why everything went so smooth. 

The druid dinged 65 and gained another half level as well as picked up a few new items.  All in all, successful.  I got to thinking though how I found myself looking for priest type abilities on my druid while healing.  The disc priestand resto druid healing styles are very different and yet I still found some similarities, I’ll cover my observations in my next post when I’m on my flight to Atlanta later today.


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