Pugging isn’t for everyone.  I don’t seem to mind it and have only have two PUGs where I left group.  Two out of all those isn’t bad.  There is trouble with pugging though…lack of tanks, lack of healers, is the DPS going to be strong enough?  As a healer I’m subjected to usually many questions as people are nervous about bringing an undergeared healer.  A healer who out-gears the instance can make up for poor play by the others. 

Lately, I haven’t been terribly scrutinized based on my gear.  The trouble that I usually have with pugging is finding a tank.  If I can find a tank, we’re all set.  I have many tanks on my friends list, in fact, they are almost all tanks.  But the other night I was looking for our daily UK and couldn’t seem to find a willing tank. 


As you can see, there was plenty of DPS (although again, with the mucho melee?!?) but shortage of tanks and healers.  Eventually I usually get around to finding a group, it’s usually though after I’ve been running around doing dailies and such.  We have some coming up in the guild who enjoy tanking and hopefully locating the tank won’t be so difficult soon.

Oh, how do you like Elgar’s 1970s style porn mustache?  Good no?  😀


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