If I See One More Naga…

Elgar managed to knock out several more achievements the other night.  Some expected, some not.  I did work on the Sporeggar as I was already revered and so did the repeatable kill the nagas quest until I was ready to kill myself.  It’s very fast however, it’s just well…repetitive.  The reward was a double bonus though!  After gaining the Exalted achievement I ran over to buy the tabard and the pet and then earned the 50 non-combat pet achievement and my own little stinker.

Pet Achieve

One thing that I noticed hilariously was that while killing nagas, I decided to drink my Pygmy Oil and after 10 applications or so, you turn into a tiny female gnome pygmy.  I knew this would happen what I didn’t know was that it changed my gender!  Note the screenshot below, where I lose my Patron title and gain Matron!  I found it funny that my title would change because of the oil.  Now that I know this, it seems it will be handy for future fun times.


The last screenshot I have to share is just one of bragging rights.  I got invited to a group with a tank that I normally heal heroics for.  We all get in and then somebody notices two priests, me and another.  Well we don’t need two healers.  She’s holy, I’m disc.  I offer to bow out and let Troutwort tag along, but they say stay, and just holy DPS.  I’ve always read about Holy DPS theory-crafting, but I was not specced appropriately.  But I give it a shot.  My DPS was running about 1100-1200.  Not too bad for no hit gear.  LOL.  But still bad enough to suck.  The rest of the group was overpowered enough that roic UK didn’t stand a chance.  On Ingvar I go all out and look what happens! 

Boss Kill

That’s right, boss kill for Elgar.  I guess I timed it just right?  Ha ha.  Either way, made me laugh.  Smite FTW.

4 Responses to “If I See One More Naga…”

  1. Anea Says:

    That’s funny! I had no idea that the oil would change your title gender as well as your race/gender. Interesting little tidbit I’ll have to file away to use as a prank on Lus…

    And grats on your stinker! I am only two pets away (and would really like my own skunk!) but I can’t be arsed to go work on rep to get the last two pets, haha.

    • Troutwort Says:

      The Sporeggar rep took me about 2 hours to earn all of revered. Not too bad, but Elgar is human too, so it went faster than most. 2 pets isn’t that far!! Do you have your Oracle pets yet?

      • Lyyra Says:

        I’m actually ashamed to say that I don’t 😦 I never was good at working on rep. /ashamed

  2. Anea Says:

    Further thought re: gnomes and Children’s Week – I wonder how small baby gnomes are. /ponder

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