Endless Edibles

The other day I noticed something odd in my bags, Noblegarden Chocolate.  The reason I say this is odd is that they are supposed to have a 7 day duration.  Yet mine are still there and have duration of 0 seconds and don’t seem to disappear.  I figured, that’s cool, I can eat them for a few more days.  So I’m out and about running around and eating my chocolates between fights.  It’s good times.  I switch characters, they have chocolates still too, yay! 

But here’s where it gets weird.  The next day I log in.  And between pulls I go to have one of my chocolates and I’m shocked.  Instead of 12 or so left, the stack has replenished to 20!!  That’s right, my stack of chocolates refilled itself to 20, which is how many I started with.  Okay, so I think, dude, you’re just going crazy, maybe you didn’t eat them on this character, are you sure?  I find myself doubting.  So I eat one specifically and make note:  Elgar has 19 chocolates in his bag.  The next day I log in and check it out.  20!!  I of course giggle in delight.  My chocolates seem to have bugged themselves to a never ending supply…on each of my characters!  Now granted it’s not the best food buff out there, but I’ll take it for when I’m out and about doing dailies and such, since it never ends it’s better then using my normal food on dailies.  I can now only say one thing about Noblegarden, as long as those little chocolates last, it’s my new favorite holiday.


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