Busy Weekend

With Mother’s Day and doing some fishing this weekend (in real water, for real fish) it seemed like I didn’t have enough time to play WoW, and yet when I look back at my achievements this weekend it seems like so much got done.

Elgar managed to do some of the fishing achievements after we did a guild run of Zul’Gurub.  And doing the daily fishing pushed him over the top for Exalted with Kirin Tor.  All in all, he had a great weekend.

Superior Achieve

The Zul’Farrak achievement came after helping run some guildies through.  I noticed it was on my list of the dungeons that I hadn’t finished on Elgar, which seemed odd since I remembered running it so many times.  Oh well.

After playing Elgar a bit, I felt I needed a bit of a change and also knew Schubert was close to level 73.  So I quick punched it out and got him up to 73 and he did the quest to learn Teleport: Dalaran, which was nice, since I didn’t really want to buy a portal there from another mage, it seemed, silly. 

Elgar also had enough tokens to buy the shoulder piece heirloom for my paladin, Kalinnikov, and my warrior which are still lagging way behind.  I thought the 10% more XP might really help.  I tossed them over to Kalinnikov and in about 1.5 hours he knocked out 3 more levels and did some engineering. 

Heirloom Shoulders

The thing I noticed though is that retribution paladins don’t really have many attacks.  Unless I’m doing something really wrong, it seems I only have exorcism and judgement.  That’s not much until I get crusader strike later.  Am I missing something?

All in all, another satisfying weekend, though it seemed I didn’t have much time to play.  I feel my focus shifting though for a bit.  I really enjoyed playing on Schubert the mage and he’ll get some love this week I think.


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