All Noobs Once

I don’t care what anyone says, we were all WoW noobs once.  For some of us, this was our first MMORPG, others were more seasoned.  But when ever anyone starts a new game, WoW or not, it takes a little while to figure it out.  In the case of WoW, there’s a LOT of information.  Figuring out adding action bars, self cast, talent points, class roles, etc. all takes a little bit of time.

I have a special place in my heart for noobs, because I remember being one myself.  And as a result, I do welcome new to WoW players in our guild and help them figure out the game a little bit, telling them what stats to focus on and why.  Not just saying, “do this or that” that doesn’t help them if you don’t say why.  It’s that whole “teach a man to fish” thing.  Troutwort was my noob.  I even sometimes still call him “Noob”wort for all the times he sucked.  And through him I learned and am better able to play my other characters. 

At any rate, this past weekend I helped out a paladin in our guild.  He’s just past level 40 and I was helping him through ZF.  I inspect his gear upon arrival.  To be nice, it was lacking.  Stats scattered all over the place, etc.  Mostly mail items, which is fine since replacing with plate right at 40 isn’t always the best.  He’s specc’d holy, but doesn’t appear to be healing when in combat.  He runs right in and bashes things.  I figure we’ll we’re on a quick run and I was on my priest so let him have at it.  But when the Big Bad Pauldrons drop and we tell him to take them, he says, can Paladins even wear plate?  I just about fell out of my chair.  Did he not train it?  We ask him, he says where?  We tell him pally trainer.  We finish up the instance and then I accompany him back to Stormwind and we visit the trainer.  I kid you not, he must have learned something like 40 new abilities.  I don’t think he’d been to a trainer outside the one in Northshire Abbey which only trains you to level 6 anyways.  The poor guy!  I then explain to him what some of his abilities do and which seals and blessings will help him.  He picked up a nice polearm in the dungeon so I suggest that maybe he should go retribution spec and that he doesn’t have to fill in every talent with points since he won’t have enough to do that.  Much like I believed when I started talents, I figured eventually all the points would be put in, I figured at higher levels I must get more than one point per level.  Ha ha.

Anyways, I suggest a retribution build for him and we scoot over to the auction house.  He found some really nice gloves in ZF as well, so I pick him up a new helm, some leggings, and something else and send him on his way.  He apparently is doing much better but still seemed to be having trouble when attacked by multiple mobs.  I think I’ll have to spend a little more time with him to help him learn to use all his abilities. 

The thing too that I find challenging for new players is the class they choose at the start.  So many start with warrior or paladin and at low levels, both those classes can be a bit difficult to understand.  Paladin is a complicated mess of a class.  All those seals, blessings, auras!  What to do?!?  I can understand. 

I remember being a noob, but I sadly didn’t have anyone to help me out.  The only reason I finally discovered the things I did is because I clicked on everything, I tried everything.  What does this spell do?  What’s this button?  I remember on my hunter though, that I didn’t train feign death, because I couldn’t figure why I would want to play dead, what good would that do?  One dungeon run later…oh, that’s why! 

We were all noobs once, I have many great noob stories which will surely make there way here eventually.  Remember to be kind to new players, don’t shrug them off, because sometimes all they need is a little push in the right direction, they usually really appreciate it.


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