Elgar’s First Title

Yes, I got it.  I got the Patron title from Children’s Week on Elgar.  It was agonizing.  Really agonizing.  The PvP achievement already had me in a foul mood, and knowing that last night was my last chance to achieve it, made it worse.  For AB, AV, and EotS it took me just one battle each.  WSG was another story.  The trouble I have as a healer in WSG is that I’m the target for them and if I’m not with a few other people, there’s no chance for me to blend in and discretely heal from the sidelines. 

So I settled in for a night of WSG, sorry guild, tonight I’m busy.  Sorry tanks, no heroics tonight.  So I get in a couple WSG groups, we lose, I’m not shocked.  I thought there was a BG matching system?  Shouldn’t I also get put in with people that suck?  I get in what seems to be the longest WSG I’ve been part of in a long time.  Maybe I’ll have a chance as neither team seems to be able to get their flag back.  Maybe I have been put in a group with other WSG noobs.  Yay!  I decide my best chance of picking up the flag will be near our base, get them right out of the gate since they aren’t getting that far.  Every time the flag was about to drop I’d stop healing and just spam my right-mouse click near where the guy was hoping I’d hit the flag first.  Twice, others beat me to it, damn.  People were getting ready to give up.  WSG just doesn’t go over 30 minutes anymore.  “Just let them win.”  Not until I get my achievement. 

Finally I get a successful click.  And achievement and title!  Yes!  I was so happy I forgot to screen shot it.  At that point I half considered AFK-ing out of the BG just to be done with it.  But I figured I didn’t want to be rude and tried my best.  We ended up losing, but as a bonus I did the most healing which I was happy with since I was dead so much.

BG Heals

I felt accomplished for the night and thought about heading up to the Argent Tournament since Elgar hasn’t done any of it yet.  But I get a whisper from one of my tanks that I usually run roics with and we head over to Old Kingdom.  I was really intimidated of OK when I first ran it on normal, and roic was even more stressful.  Honestly, I think the first boss is the worst.  We wiped due to low DPS on the large spider guys (I don’t know their names since I never have them targeted while healing), and the rest went pretty smooth, the lasy that sacrifices her followers also got three of them and we thought we’d be gone, but I Focus Willed my Divine Hymn for big crits and shields and we were okay.  Having run out of time one other night, we never finished Roic OK the first time I tried, this time we finished it up.  Herald Volazj isn’t too bad actually, as Disc I just fear, DoT up a few of them and then bubble and flash heal myself through it until others show up to help.  The last time we did Roic OK the tank and I were the only ones left after the first insanity and we had to two man Herald the rest of the way.  I mean it was epic, the DPS though we’d never do it, but I don’t really care to do that again.

OK Achieve

About half-way through Roic OK I get a message from someone in my tanks guild, apparently he was in on one of my Roic runs a while back, thought I was awesome at healing and wanted me to come with on their Naxx-25 man run.  Crap.  I’ve never even completed Naxx-10 let alone 25.  And here’s the kicker, they were trying to do it with just 20.  Eek.  I declined, but as soon as I was done with OK I get an invite.  I’m so not prepared, I had to reload my UI, repair…they summon me and there we are.  We did two spider wing bosses and I got a new neck piece (EPICS!!), and the some of the military wing, which I had done on 10-man, so at least I knew that.  They were all SO nice though.  I was in party with the other healers and they would explain and encourage me.  It took me a little while to get used to it, and to remember to focus just on my tank, that the other healers are there for the raid.  I was panicky the whole time, but we managed to get it done.  They asked me to join them, but I said the GM leaving his guild would look bad, but maybe I can be an honorary raider with them sometime.  We’ll see.  They had a nice raid schedule and when time was up, they were done, it was nice. 

It ended up being quite an exciting night all in all, when I had settled in just to get my butt whooped in WSG, I ended up with a new neck piece and meeting some great people.  Elgar is…satisfied and flattered.


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