It’s been a violent Children’s Week

Now, everyone has complains about the holiday events.  Too restrictive to high levels, I didn’t get my candies, etc. etc.  Now normally I don’t pay much attention to holiday events beyond the minipets.  So naturally I was tickled about two pets from Children’s week.  Of course, Schubert just zipped around the world with his ports and was done in no time flat.  Elgar and Trout had a harder time but I spent my hearth cooldown time farming various dragon whelps in hopes of the pet drop, and low and behold Elgar got one! 

I haven’t completed any of the holiday titles.  They all seemed like too much work.  Ha ha.  And they also usually occur at holidays, when I’m not around to play much.  But the achievements needed for Children’s Week actually seemed attainable.  Our daily was UP, eat some food, blah blah.  Not so tough and not a long list of achievements needed either.  So I’m down to the last one…School of Hard Knocks.  I really dislike PvP.  I’m not that great at it, and I’m a healer.  Even though I’m disc I’m not disc-PvP.  The trouble, for those of you that have never played a healer in a BG, is that once they see you’re keeping someone alive, the come right for you.  While you’re out there thinking “kill the healer!!” the other team is as well.  Elgar died the most in every battleground he was in.  And if I see “You can’t do that while stunned” or “You can’t do that while silenced” one more time, I’m going to pluck my own eyes out.  But I can’t, because I’m dead.  /sigh

This poor child has been watching me die all week long in hopes that I’ll stay alive long enough near the WG flag to actually pick it up.  I haven’t yet.  I managed to run a flag back in EotS, and even assault a flag in AB, don’t ask me how, but I did.  I got several achievements as well for BGs including the one I was most proud of, damage control for healing 300k in a single battleground.  The nice thing is that even though I suck at PvP, I still get to see my high numbers for healing, I’m consistently in the top 2-3 for healing done.  Though I almost always take #1 for total deaths.  Ouch.

Tonight is my last chance, the kid will watch me die over and over yet again in hopes of the final portion.  This is my only holiday event complaint.  The PvP requirement is a challenge as it’s placing a PvE event, holiday, into the brutal PvP environment.  Ouch.  I would have been happier if the achievement was “Win the following battlegrounds with your orphan out.”  That would have been much better. 

Ending on a final positive note, I did manage (one by one) to get my 30 WSG tokens that I’ll need for my PvP mount.  Just a few quick AB, which alliance seems they can actually win, and I’ll have the 30 I need there too.  Poor little orphan though…he can’t be having much fun watching us die over and over and lose.  If I were him, I’d have seriously reconsidered which side I was on after watching the Alliance die in shame.


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