No melee, yet so much melee!

I’ve tried playing melee classes, but the fate is always one of two things:  deleted or rotting.

Level 18 dwarf warrior – deleted
Level 12 dwarf rogue – deleted
Level 8 troll rogue – deleted
Level 10 orc rogue – deleted

Level 30 dwarf paladin – rotting in Duskwood
Level 13 gnome warrior – rotting in Kharanos
Level 10 gnome rogue – bank alt
Level 65 gnome DK – rotting in Outland

The only melee character that I managed to enjoy was the enhance shaman I made, Borka.  And I think only because in my opinion, they are they truly hybrid.  He does much damage through melee, but heals himself, and tosses around spells as well when maelstrom weapon is up.  It’s pretty fantastic.  And if the enemy runs I didn’t have to chase it.  Even at level 6, I could toss out lightning at fleeing mobs.

So melee isn’t my play style, and even though I keep trying, I just can’t get into warriors, paladins, rogues, or DKs.  My roommate is the opposite.  Nearly all her characters were melee and when she started her mage, she always wanted to whack monsters with her staff.  Force of habit.  As far as I figure it’s just me.  I can’t get into it, it’s not my play style or personality or something.  Perhaps being ganked too many times by rogues and warriors in BGs on my priest lead me to loathe all melee.

As I’ve been healing things on my disc priest Elgar, I’ve noticed something lately.  Everyone else is melee!!  Seriously, where have all the huntards and mages gone?  WTB warlock or shadow priest please!!  Elemental shammy, I love your totem, join my group.  But no.  I run roics with a regular tank, and so we’re always looking for 3 DPS classes.  I think in the last 5 dungeons I’ve run with my tank I’ve only seen two ranged DPS, a hunter and a mage.  Everyone else has been rogue, DK, feral druid, retadin, or warrior.  I do love my retadins though – mmm…yummy mana.  But back to the point.  Is it just me or is there this plethora of melee DPS?  Did they get some huge buff that I’m unaware of?  Did the ranged DPS get nerfed and so people shelved them?  Is this some flavor of the month? 

Now normally I don’t care what my DPS classes are, but Elgar is disc.  And as a result has a bit harder time keeping melee alive when they all get whirl-winded or whatever.  My AOE takes like 2.6 seconds to cast.  I love you all for playing your melee classes, because I can’t tolerate it, but does anyone else notice there seems to be a lack of ranged DPS at the moment?  Is it just my server?  Perhaps my sample size is not that large…I’ll keep observing.


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