In the beginning…

Well here we are.  The start of what I hope will be successful blogging again.  I used to blog years ago but found myself with not enough time to actually keep it up.  So then I switched to a photo blog, but then would forget to take my camera with me and my brother lost my cord to download my photos…blah.  That ended too. 

So now I’m going to try again, and blog about what I do in the World of Warcraft and how I see the game from my humble standpoint.  I’m one of those alt-o-holics who focuses on leveling, achievements, seeing as much of the game as I can, but tend to shy away from front running raiding.  Frankly, it’s just too serious for me. 

Crits and Giggles is not only my guild name, but the philosophy behind how I play the game.  I play hard and to the best of my ability, reading about strategies, best gear stats for my characters, etc.  But I also play for fun.  Which means that I don’t pick a spec because it is currently the best for DPS, I pick it because I have the most fun playing that spec.  It is a game after all, and I should enjoy it.

So expect to see my stories, my adventures on my characters as they crit and giggle their way through the world.

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