The Need for Moggin

When Blizzard announced in patch 4.3 that they would introduce the transmogrification that would allow you to change the look of your gear into anything else (well almost anything) I was so happy.  I had been collecting gear over the years and hanging onto it, just because it looked cool.  Elgar and Sousa had outfits almost immediately and Sibelius got his and Rossini whipped one up based on some new shoulder he found.  I still have two disasters left though.  And boy, are they disasters.

After reading some other blogs I decided this weekend that I should finally get the WoW Model Viewer to help save me some time when picking out outfits, especially if I didn’t want tier sets.  Elgar, Sibelius, and Sousa all have Tier sets.  Rossini’s is an original design and I wanted to get something more original for the next ones.

So here’s what I was looking at that needed a fix.  Troutwort the hunter and Schubert the mage.



Could it get much worse?  I’m not going to accept that challenge.  I’m sure it can.  But as you can see…they look like bags of skittles.  Mind you that I don’t raid and that I don’t think Troutwort can even get into the HoT instances, but still something must be done.  So I played around with the model viewers and here’s what I came up with.  The next projects will be getting all this gear.  I’ll make a gear list later if anyone is interested, but I’m too tired tonight.  So here they are in their future new and improved forms.

Troutwort - Future

Schubert - Future

As you can see we’ve got themes now and considerable improvements!!  For Troutwort, the chest and pants are matching quest rewards from lower levels quests in Thousand Needles and Tanaris.  The other items are mixed bag though, the gloves and shoulders do not come from that leveling set.  Schubert had a similar scenario where the shoulders and chest are matching leveling set but the other items come from all over.  I chose simple weapons for both of them, Troutwort is shown holding his bow and his polearm.  That staff Schubert has is the Dwarven Medic Staff which is a green mid-20s staff.  That might be the hardest part to get!

My strategy for Troutwort’s outfit was to find shoulders first and build from there, since often shoulders are the worst part to deal with.  For Schubert though since the robes are far more important, I picked the robes out first.  I didn’t recall seeing robes like that before.  Though he’s mostly a frost mage, this set looks more arcane, but still, I like the blues and greys of it.  The purple accents allow for some flexibility as well…the cloak for Schubert was actually the biggest challenge…though gloves were no walk in the park and I’m still not sure I’m sold on the ones he has.

Playing with the model viewer really made it much easier to do transmogging plans.  There are lots of items in the game and it’s hard to know what goes together.  The only thing about the model viewer is it also has a few things that you can no longer get in the game, so I got teased MANY times with things that looked cool only to find out they don’t exist anymore.  For anyone who enjoys transmogging, I do suggest getting the model viewer.  You can upload your existing characters which really helps make sure the outfit you pick will look good on your character.

Now with these plans, I have new goals to add to the list of things to do before Pandaria.


So I still think that one of the best features in Cataclysm was Transmogrification.  Elgar and Sousa both quickly hopped to use this feature as they both had items they had either been saving or collecting from long past.  My other characters have ideas but haven’t completed their set or I hadn’t found the items I wanted to match either a robe or some other item. 

With Rossini, I had been saving the Wicked Witch Hat from Karazhan since Kittykat (Rossini before his gender transmog) won it back in the real days of playing BC.  I kept it all this time because you never know when you’ll need a black pointy hat.  With transmogrification, I really wanted to use that hat!  But I couldn’t find robes to go with it, or shoulders or anything else.  I decided to give up and just go with the Corruptor set.  Which while cool, it’s my style.  But then running Zul’Aman the other day, I won shoulders which pulled the whole outfit together!  So here it is:

The colors of the shoulders matched that of the hat and with a few crafted tailoring items that I could make myself, I was able to round out boots and a belt to match too.  The robes I had previously determined matched the hat, those are none other thank the black mageweave robes.  I found a simple leatherworking cloak to match as well.

Overall, I was really pleased with how this outfit turned out!  I have to find a weapon that matches too and thanks to the staff transmog list over at Orcish Army Knife I have some ideas!

Screenshot Wednesday…on Friday!

I had fully intended to post these screenshots of random things on Wednesday, but it wouldn’t let me upload the pics for some reason.  So here they are…on Friday…but still called Wednesday.  I did manage to finish Pilgrim on Wednesday night with Elgar.  I also was able to take advantage of some cooking skills and got the warrior, rogue, and second account hunter up in cooking skills.  I helped out some hordes with rogues.  And once the little rogue gnome I made was around Dalaran, it was like they came flooding to Dalaran and shot me with feathers.  I then took my dwarf rogue there and witnessed a half-dozen horde or so getting the Pilgrim achievement.  It was worth it.  I also helped some alliance including myself using the second account to make both a troll and an orc rogue.  Good times.

Anyways, here are some screenshots.

Elgar's Transmogrification Set

This is the priest T5 set that Elgar will wear once 4.3 hits.  I think it looks awesome.  Though I need to get him a staff so I can transmogrify that one!  I also need the belt from Gruul’s Lair.  I gave it up last time without even thinking.  Foolish.

Doing a random dungeon on Sousa, I ran into an alternate universe Kerick...who also was a paladin!!

This experience was like something out of the twilight zone.  And last but not least, I leave you with one of those, in the right place at the right time scenarios.  I was just passing through Stormwind when there was one of those random dance parties going on… our guildmate Kisara (Sorak) logged on.  I’ll let the screenshot of the text box say the rest.  Note, we had no idea who these people were.

We have no idea who this is!

Lucky Drops

Now, I’ll never be as lucky as Bocat, with her Fox Kit and Turtle Mount, but I have been pretty lucky lately, for different reasons though.

I’ve been working on a set for my Shaman to transmogrify to.  And I have been lucky with most my heroic Outland dungeons getting the drops I need on the first try.  Here’s where I’m at:

I’m just missing the belt and the helm, but that’s okay.  They will come eventually and aren’t totally necessary.  Though the belt would seal the deal.

Sousa also got lucky with some Fortune Cards and got one that sold for 1000g and then one that sold for 200g.  So I figure I used up all my luck now and shouldn’t make anymore of those cards.  Ha!

I Feel Pretty

Okay, so you might have heard of it by now.  The single coolest thing ever.  The transmogrifier.

Check it out!

This future addition to the game reinforces my old saying that “WoW is 50% killing things, and 50% drag show”.  Now, for some of us, that will probably be 25%/75%. 

Now, some of my toons have been saving their Tier armor or otherwise just cool armor they come across forever.  Elgar has his T4, T5, and a few pieces of T6, as well as T7, T8, and T9 all hanging out in his bank bags.  I don’t have complete sets for all of them, mostly robes, helm and shoulders, but still.  He’ll have a great selection should it be required to have had the piece of gear or to still have it to transmogrify the item. 

I actually think that this will be most useful for belts and shoulders, which always seem to look hideous.  Seriously, belts are the worst. 

Now, from the initial sound of things, you won’t be limited to Tier gear, which means that I could find that hideous hobo picture of Elgar in the green pants with purple stripes, gold shirt, blue shoulders, and travelers hat from early days in Outlands and wear that.  Which is actually equally as awesome.  Might you be able to look like a farmer while raiding?  A chef?  A fisherman?  The possibilities are seemingly endless.  Even works on weapons, which is epic, I’m already envisioning Troutwort running around with that stingray bow from Heroic Steamvaults…yes, I still have it.

So, what’s in your closet that you’ll pull out?

Slice linked it in the comments, but this is an awesome website for some ideas on outfits!


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